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Bloom Chandelier

The chandelier consits entrely out of stacked stainless steel tubes. these tubes start off as metal sheets which are laser cut with high precision te make sure all the incisions are perfectly aligned. We take the 132 metal sheets and roll them into tubes by rounding them so both ends meet. They are hand-welded together to make perfect cylinders. The Chandelier is then build by fastening th right clinders in the right place, layer by layer. The end product is glass bead blasted to create a matte finish and to ensure a diffuse reflection which emphasizes the radial symmetry. It is with great affiliation with the material; a combination of labour intensive craftmanship and high/tech craft, that the object is put together. The LED light source accentuates the round shapes which creaties a spectacular light effect inside the lamp as well as in its surroundings.

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