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The Company

If your hotel is a 4 or 5 star Boutique, Design or Art Hotel, then you've come to the right place because we will write about your Hotel!

The Best of Hotels is the premier place to buy the worlds top hotel products and where consumers can bring the comfort and luxury of travel experiences into their own homes and add bring the previously unobtainable into their daily lives.

The Best of Hotels is all about products that travellers have seen and experiences they've had during their travels. Ever been travelling, stayed in a hotel in Los Angeles, or walked down a street in Barcelona and seen something cool like a unique sofa, a special vase, an amazing painting or a bike that you really wanted to bring home with you? Well now we're making it possible for you to do just that. Curious? Well you should be! Watch this space for more news!

A team of worldwide bloggers is now in charge of selecting the best of each city, hotel, country, airplane, spa or beach club. You can communicate directly with the blogger about the product, her or his local experiences, and it would be nice if you purchase a few items here too.

The vision is to inspire and get inspired by connecting with cultures, design and people worldwide. In the process, we don’t only connect people worldwide, we teach, become part of an intelligent community eager to remove borders, yet respecting and loving the best of hotels.

The company is the cool sister of the company Design Hotel Supplies, a company that specializes in delivering the most exciting, and useful products that beyond the normal boring purchasing methods that are often applied in Hotels & Spas and Clubs.