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The Inspiration

This is all about you, your experiences, your ideas; whatever you believe makes you burn for a trip. There is nothing better than to travel, meet new people, the stress of travel, reading on an airplane, connecting with wireless the first time you enter the hotel. We all have different ambitions, thoughts and feelings about other cultures, about hotel design and now more than ever we want to learn, read and experience and everything is readily available through our mobile, tablet or laptop.

Sure travel inspiration comes from our heart, we are all born with a healthy doses of curiosity. The Best of Hotels is all about feeding opinions, listening, learning and applying.

Remember the first time you got on a plane as a kid? The first time you walked into a hotel room with your mum and dad? The first time you took your date alone to a restaurant, or the first time you bought her a necklace, or him a watch? We have all done it, bring home some sand, some shells, we found on the beach with sundown. What would you do to get some of these moments back?

We want you to keep those memories, find them again, or at least experience them when you most need to feel them again. It’s never ever to late.