Our travelbloggers write about the amazing things that you can experience and see at Design and Boutique Hotels! You can buy these things here too!

The Blogger

You rule, you opinionate and mostly you inspire. That is why The Best of Hotels wants to hear from you.

We know you have traveled many places, seen much and experienced more. We appreciate the way you write, your opinion and influence is appreciated!

We will only approach a few bloggers in your country, with potentially different backgrounds or subjects, like fashion, travel, journalism or marketing.

The Best of Hotels believes in opinion and in words and images. We don’t just want to follow trends we want to create them. And that is your primary role as an influencer, you are important in fact vital for us!

Now do you remember a product of one of your trips, something that you think you and others should have, something that left an impression, or something that is just totally awesome. Could be anything, furniture, wine glasses, skates, a bike, something you saw at a market, bathroom soap, bed linen, really anything that reminds you of special Travel moments. That’s the product we are looking for. We will try and get that product signed up so many others in the world can get this product so that they can share these feelings and emotions with you, feel like you, live your travel memories.

And you, your blog, will be listed on the site, promoted through regular email updates. Competitions can be entered. With the sale of 50 of your products you will receive one yourself, no matter what the value is of the product. It could be a villa rental, bike, bed or anything that you have selected.

The Best of Hotels is a sister company of Design Hotel Supplies, a company that sells products to Hotels all around the globe.

When you have your own company set up and are able to invoice and your product results in a sale at the one of our existing or new Hotel & Spa clients, you will receive 5% of the sales order.

Mostly we create traffic, globally, to your blog, people who have an interest will find you even more than ever, read about you and get inspired by your amazing posts.

The Process
What we need is your product selection, the brand, where you saw it and the brand name. We will find the product, get a contract with them, and when possible to sell and ship globally, we will need your short product description.

Gotta love it!

You are important, be a part of this amazing venture. Love the world, love cultures, be a part of it!

Interested? Just send an email with above mentioned information about you!