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Shades Pendant & Floor lamp

A dimmable pendant lamp which spreads rays of
light in its environment connected by an interlocking
system. The transparency of the material creates
a colour gradient as it approaches the centre and
enables the object to blend in with its surroundings.
A warm light source permeates the centre of the
object and fully illuminates the pendant. Continuing
the interlocking system, we developed a 3D printed
socket housing unit, which uses the strength of the
material to connect the acrylic frame to the light

An assembly of acrylic shades rising from the floor with
the use of its construction held in place by several
rings. The lamp is accentuated by a vertical line of
fluorescent lighting. With an eye for refined detailing,
the shaded icon is assembled consisting of no other
material then acrylic. With the ability to adjust the light
output, rays of light fill the room. It uses its transparency
to stand out by blending in. From every point of view
the shades create a colour gradient as it approaches
the centre.

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