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Why hotels need artists

Art as a much-discussed need for hotels.

Décor, interior design and art are expectations of the hotel guest, which are becoming increasingly difficult to strategize. Design and art are vital for creating a guest’s impression, why, and what else is important? It takes 3 seconds for a person to judge your hotel by the Design, interior and selection of art of the lobby area. Their expectations of the rest of the hotel are directly correlated with that of the lobby. It has to conform to brand standards, geographic location and most importantly it has to relate to your client mix.

The process

The design and architecture is a careful process that Mocinno takes extremely serious. Original features are often kept or even highlighted but these days apart from this potentially most important aspect Design, there is one factor that makes a guest return or form a lasting opinion.

The selection of art, is a valued character of the lobby, or any other public space, and even more so, the bedroom. The bedroom is the space where the guest can relax, regain energy, sleep or work at leisure.  Art has to reflect personality, which is based on research, on the right definition of the guest.

The image is from the artist and Curator Emelie Sandahl, called Sell Sell Sell.

Andrea Norden – Art designed for hotels.

Emelie Sandahl

Emelie Sandahl carries out a well-defined process, herself an artist with a thorough marketing background within the Hotel as well as the Car industry. The process starts with understanding the hotel objectives, followed by an analysis of the hotel guest, and the existing or new design or architecture.  A selection of art, paintings or photography will be suggested, sourced and placed. Emelie has years of experience, and a vast network of artist, who can all complete the final guest experience.

Josefine Laul – Photography is a choice many hotels make for their rooms

The final selection

The team is available for extensive Hotel & Spa design offering the optimal  art solutions, which will attract the market segments that are in line with the company and art strategy.

Don’t make a change, make a difference.

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