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Into the Wild: 5 Amazing Jungle Homes

Stunning hideaways in the abundant rainforests of Costa Rica

There’s something special about an escape into nature. It could be the tall trees that bring a level of privacy you just can’t get from a fence.  Maybe it’s the calming noise of wildlife that seems even better than silence. We’ve been purposefully wandering in the forest since the days of our childhood treehouse – where we’d spend many hours plotting our big future. Fast forward to today, and luckily you haven’t had to give up that coveted retreat in nature after all. This time, it’s even better. You have a pool and ocean view to brag about now, and perhaps even a butler to deliver your favorite afternoon snack. Fresh cookies, anyone?

  1. Villa Mariana, Manuel Antonio

Villa Mariana, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Villa Mariana puts a new meaning to “tree house.” While it’s not built atop an Elephant Ear tree, greenery trickles right into the living space. Expect to feel the soft brush of a leaf while you step down the stars, or hear the sway of branches brushing up against your bedroom wall. Glass walls allow nature to style the home, while complementary minimalist design–with nods to Costa Rica through playful colors here and there–proves that manmade design and the natural world can exist in perfect harmony.
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  1. Villa Oceanis, Guanacaste

Villa Oceanis

At Villa Oceanis, the sound of ripping waves follows you from sunrise to sunset. Upon waking up, open up the sliding glass doors and step right out to the pool area–the only space that sits between you and the Pacific Ocean. Sip Costa Rican coffee at your alfresco dining area, stylized uniquely by tree branches doubling as earthy pillars. As you slip into pondering what the day will bring–surfing? napping on the poolside daybed? daydreaming in the hammock?–prepare to be interrupted by the ambient noise of swaying palms, friendly monkeys and powerful water.
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  1. Casa Mono Loco, Los Suenos

Casa Monoloco - Costa Rica

If you consider yourself a lover of nature but don’t quite want to rough it on a camping trip, discovering the balance of amenities and natural beauty is the jackpot. Casa Mono Loco is situated within a nature reserve at the Los Suenos Resort. Here, you’re in the good company of toucans, monkeys and scarlet macaws while swimming in the luxurious infinity pool with a  stunning ocean view. Plus, Casa Mono Loco’s location at the end of a quiet stretch of road promises complete privacy–so the only interruptions you’ll face are the welcome creatures of the rainforest.
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  1. Casa Capitan, Santa Teresa

Casa Capitan, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Elegance and earthiness are in perfect unison at Casa Capitan. Egyptian cotton sheets, beachside massage huts and swaying hammocks give all of the man-made necessities for total restfulness. But it’s the abounding nature that truly secures the tranquil vibes here. Greenery encloses the entire property, including the dreamy pool area that’s made for quiet evening swims. Santa Teresa beach–just beyond the pool–offers once in a lifetime sunset shows. Plus, full-time staff will be tending to your every need, just be sure to finish up dessert in time for the sunset show.
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  1. Villa Manzu, Papagayo 

Villa Manzu, Papagayo, Costa Rico

Situated on the Papagayo Peninsula, Villa Manzu is a sanctuary within a sanctuary. On the property’s expansive five acres, you’ll find two swimming pools, a spa, and theatre. Apart from the man-made amenities, there’s many accessories to help you enjoy the nature that abounds: surfboards, paddle-boards, kayaks and bikes are readily available. To give your swimsuit a break for the afternoon, several walking trails line the property–so take a leisurely stroll and spot some monkeys and hummingbirds. This closeness to nature doesn’t mean you’ll be harvesting your own food–the full staff, including private chef and butler, ensure you have all the time in the world to explore the many wonders of the area.
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OCTOBER 9, 2014

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