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The good experience and the good hotel; taking education and guest satisfaction to the next level


Create Beauty and Do Good - The Good Hotel

Working within the luxury hotel segment always gives a certain value and excitement for every project. It makes consulting harder, as much more attention to detail is needed. You need to keep understanding and delivering maximum value for the consumer who is willing to pay that premium. I have traveled the world, and still do the selection of most projects myself that suit the team best. I am fortunate to work within hospitality, working with so many people of so many cultures. Flying to places where I have created friendships, and experience new things every time I visit.

The trips besides great amounts of joy and feelings also mean traveling to countries that are in social or economic difficulties, or worse. They bring emotions of controversy, inequality and certainly opportunity.

This reveals much space for people care, as people need or are looking for education, development, career building, social affairs, or even more basic elements like self esteem, food & drink.

This time my travels took me to Holland, where I was born, where I grew up between many cultures and controversies, that make this one of the countries, that every body must visit. The way it treats the tourist or business traveler is far beyond many expectation. Totally different feeling, architecture, infrastructure, sites and history are reflected into the day-to-day lives of the Dutch and their visitors. I am proud that acceptance of this all is such a great asset of my fellow countrymen.

The Good Hotel Lobby & Lounge

Choosing the place to stay
When I have a choice of hotels, meaning the client does not decide for me, it depends often on the mood I am in, or the reason for the trip. I like the strong service hotel chains, when I need the comfort, the guarantee that everything will be smooth, from check in to check out. More so I now choose more of a local experience, a smaller brand, a brand with a vision that reflects me, not just the reason for the visit. Though I do require certain minimum standards to be able to be comfortable with the stay.

All that Amsterdam
Amsterdam offers a wealth of experiences, most known to many, which have very little to do with business or hotels altogether. The small streets, the canals, the architecture, the numerous activities one can do every day, like a boat tour, the most amazing museum visits, climbing walls, diamond factories, Heineken experience and naturally shops make the city extremely attractive for short as well as long stays. Every time I visit I am amazed with all the new cafes, restaurants and hotels that have popped up since my last visit. The reason for visiting is often to see my family but recently because I opened an office in Holland April 2015, Holland offers an amazing platform for business. The cultures and great variety of nationalities deliver skill, knowledge, and willingness to change, adapt and learn. I can’t explain exactly why, but the freedom that the Dutch have in their approach is what creates the warm hospitality everywhere you go.

Amsterdam Central Station

The Good Hotel
In all the years of consulting within hospitality since 2001, I have been dependent on people, employees and all stakeholders involved in the operation. On the data that they deliver, on their skill and knowledge, within service, technology, design, architecture, legal and the so many other factors that keep a hotel or hospital running. One element that keeps returning is education. With education I mean, everything that needs to be trained, refreshed or developed, as the industry advanced fast, and expectation from guests or patients are becoming higher and more developed, which makes it hard to exceed. Service is something that has changed dramatically, even in the last 10 years. Cost cuts resulted into short work process, fast deliveries, with fewer colleagues, yet keeping standards according to the brand and company vision. In line with that is the low retention in the industry, making it even harder to deliver to the promise that you made or want to make to the guest. Education is key to make sure that everything communicated is understood well, and implemented. That is not an easy task, since not every person receiving that, has the same way or speed of learning.

Chef at The Good Hotel Sleep at The Good Hotel

So I want tell you about my recent experience. I stayed at a hotel in an area that I am not at all familiar with, just a few minutes from the Central Station. When I arrived I realized the hotel has amazing views over the water, in fact it is a floating hotel, around 150 rooms. The rooms are small, are warmly decorated and have all the business or leisure travelers require. They are cute, yet practical. The lobby and public areas are large yet cozy, and communicate your need to be there, work there, eat and drink there and socialize. When I checked in, the staff was pleasant, warm and efficient. I went to my room to quickly freshen up for a meeting in the lounge. Again the service was friendly, helpful and efficient. I experienced this throughout my stay, and was always greeted, smiled at. One thing I noticed most, besides me feeling extremely comfortable, there was a trust and honestly which was incredibly refreshing. The service is real, from the heart. Only the day before I checked out, I read the welcome note from the CEO, and understood the vision of the company supporting education for those who can’t afford it or where it is unavailable in different parts of the world. With the city of Amsterdam they have selected, trained and educated people in need of work from Amsterdam, who are now working at the Good Hotel in Amsterdam. Clearly this explains the warmth, and trust that you now receive as a guest. Knowing that your support to this and many other initiatives from the Good Hospitality Group makes the next hotel booking for your trip just so much easier.

The Good Hotel - a floating boat


Jeroen Gulickx is originally from Holland, where he obtained two business degrees. Later in life he also certified as black belt in Six Sigma.

He is Managing Director of Mocinno International, a hospitality consulting company that started in 2006, focused on delivering incremental revenues for hotels, spa’s and hotel suppliers. Jeroen is well travelled and has extensive experience in the luxury travel segment. The main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models, strategy, yielding, business development, and marketing. Mocinno International works with a network of highly experienced, energetic and yet innovative people, based in key locations.

Jeroen leads Mocinno originated projects and companies within the luxury spa and travel industry