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Big Bubbles light up the opening of The Witte Dame Hotel

Alex de Witte, Big Bubbles, De Witte Dame Hotel

Just outside the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam lies picturesque Abcoude. In these beautifully rural surroundings you’ll find a great new destination for the weary traveller. The Witte Dame Boutique Hotel. With just 10 unique rooms, this wonderful and truly intimate hotel has an abundance of style, charm and history. It first opened its doors in 1843 as a train station, but now 173 years later it has been restored and transformed into a stunningly well designed hotel.

The big bubble lighting by Alex De Witte helps create a glorious atmosphere in its main areas and make it a special place to enjoy the gastronomic feasts on offer. De Witte Dame prides itself on using local produce and beer brewers from the area have also created special seasonal beers specially for the hotel.

So when in the Amsterdam region, hop on down to Abcoude for a unique experience, a slice of history and some great hospitality!



More about the designer…


Alex de Witte

Alex de Witte is an industrial designer from the Netherlands who is taking the design world by storm with his amazing new take on modern lighting. His work is partly inspired by the universal values in the perception of beauty amongst people and animals and these are clearly present in his beautifully and intriguing designs.

The latest works by Alex are the Big Bubble and The Dots. Both lighting objects though very different products. Where the Big Bubble is huge and impressive in size,  The Dots is a complex and refined piece of work where minor details are very important.

The Big Bubble

The Dots

Alex de Witte bridges the gap between art and functional product design and his pieces will add style, inspiration and a wow factor to any hotel lobby or public space.

To find out what makes Alex tick take a look at this recent interview.