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A Hotelier’s Mind – setting strategy for the future

There are many publications and articles that are published these days on
what a Hotel General Manager or Operator should and should not do in
order to have a successful business. My goal with this book is to share my
firsthand experience and the insights I have gained in a way that will make
the take-aways easy to make sense out of and implement.

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I have passion to protect and educate those who put their heart and soul
into running their hotel, whether they own it, manage it or work in it. I
want people who read the pages to understand that, we are all in the people
business whether that be our employees, our suppliers, our owners and of
course our customers and guests. Let’s create strong cultures – let’s make
our workplaces a place to enjoy – let’s deliver the best possible customer
experience that we can!
I have been fortunate to meet some great people in this industry and as
part of the sharing philosophy that this book is based upon, I am sharing
some of my favourite published articles and interviews which I hope will
bring the insights more to life for the reader.
Whether you are an Operator, a Manager, a Restaurant Manager or
someone aspiring to work in a hotel one day, I hope you will not only
enjoy reading this book but it is my goal that there will be some insights
that I have shared which will help you to deliver a better experience for
your customer whether that be internal or external! It is fine to have a
strategy but when it is all said and done it all comes down to the final guest
experience – whether that be internal or external.

Chapter 1 – Identity and branding – Drawings by Alexandra Sarantidi

In this book, you have read about how you can be part of keeping our
industry the most exciting industry in the world. The book is written to
inspire investors, to make leadership think differently, to get people excited
to join the industry and to keep magnificent employees in the industry. I
aim to educate in an encouraging way, leading to change and development
of our exciting hospitality industry.

“Jeroen Gulickx is a world-class and innovative leader within the hospitality industry. He provides up-to-date insight and an eye-opening look at best practices that every first-rate hotelier should know to remain forward-thinking about how the hospitality landscape is changing and how they can remain market leaders.”

Erica Nicole, founder and CEO of YFS Magazine, MSNBC Your Business TV Contributor


“With over 3.2 million business & leisure travelers crossing international borders every single day, hoteliers are on the front line of ever-changing desires and demands of guests, not to mention dangerously disruptive new business models. ‘A Hoteliers Mind’ offers an up close and very personal look into what it really takes for a hotel manager to build and protect brand preference, embed business competitiveness, ensure operational excellence, protect the bottom line, and through it all, keep the passion for hospitality alive. A very raw, real, and ultimately rewarding read.”

Anita Mendiratta – International Strategic Advisor and Author in Tourism & Development, Special Advisor to the Secretary General of the UNWTO and Founder & Managing Director of Cachet Consulting


“The book is a detailed radiography of the modern hospitality industry. Strategies and challenges in a unique mix, reveal the integrated nature of the tourism world. Jeroen transfers the vibe of the industry in the aid of to the point interviews with first class professionals. The book is a great amalgam of theoretical data and practical knowledge gained by the author’s constant presence in the world of luxurious hotels.”

Magda Peistikou, Editor in Chief – Food Service Magazine, Tourism Lecturer, MSc, MBA, PhD (cand.)


“Mr. Gulickx gives a masterclass on hotel management… essential reading for both the startup hotelier or experienced GM trying to keep up with the latest approaches to that elusive goal of a smooth running and profitable operation.”

Doug Lansky, Tourism Advisor and Keynote Speaker for Destinations around the World


Jeroen Gulickx is a well-traveled hospitality professional with two business
degrees and extensive experience within the hotel-and-spa segment.
The main capabilities vary from streamlining cost and operational models
to strategy yielding, business development, and marketing and digital
In 2006, he started Mocinno International, a hospitality consulting
company that now has offices and representation in seven countries in
Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, and Russia. The team is focused on
delivering incremental revenues for hotels and spas and also develops and
strategizes hotel suppliers, using mainly the Six Sigma methodology.

Mocinno International works with a network of highly experienced,
energetic, and innovative people based in key locations. The team also
leads client or Mocinno-originated projects or concepts.
Jeroen shares his over twenty years of industry knowledge through his
blog, or other social media, and speaks in travel, marketing, innovation,
or strategy related forums.




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Big Bubbles light up the opening of The Witte Dame Hotel

Alex de Witte, Big Bubbles, De Witte Dame Hotel

Just outside the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam lies picturesque Abcoude. In these beautifully rural surroundings you’ll find a great new destination for the weary traveller. The Witte Dame Boutique Hotel. With just 10 unique rooms, this wonderful and truly intimate hotel has an abundance of style, charm and history. It first opened its doors in 1843 as a train station, but now 173 years later it has been restored and transformed into a stunningly well designed hotel.

The big bubble lighting by Alex De Witte helps create a glorious atmosphere in its main areas and make it a special place to enjoy the gastronomic feasts on offer. De Witte Dame prides itself on using local produce and beer brewers from the area have also created special seasonal beers specially for the hotel.

So when in the Amsterdam region, hop on down to Abcoude for a unique experience, a slice of history and some great hospitality!



More about the designer…


Alex de Witte

Alex de Witte is an industrial designer from the Netherlands who is taking the design world by storm with his amazing new take on modern lighting. His work is partly inspired by the universal values in the perception of beauty amongst people and animals and these are clearly present in his beautifully and intriguing designs.

The latest works by Alex are the Big Bubble and The Dots. Both lighting objects though very different products. Where the Big Bubble is huge and impressive in size,  The Dots is a complex and refined piece of work where minor details are very important.

The Big Bubble

The Dots

Alex de Witte bridges the gap between art and functional product design and his pieces will add style, inspiration and a wow factor to any hotel lobby or public space.

To find out what makes Alex tick take a look at this recent interview.